Bat and Bar Mitzvah Catering

At Memory Lane Catering we know that for many families, religious celebrations like Bat or Bar Mitzvahs are among the most important to commemorate. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a teen’s rite of passage, having just become old enough to properly understand the Torah, it marks the critically important period when a child first steps into adulthood and becomes accountable for their actions. Memory Lane Catering would be honored to help you celebrate this elaborate and significant occasion with your with family, friends and community with our outstanding selection of kosher catering options available to you.

Kosher Food Options

The team of experienced, professional staff at Memory Lane Catering has vast amounts of experience providing specialized, hygienic and reputable catering services to Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebrations over several years. Our service is timely and the food presentation is consistently classy, professional and always made unique to reflect your tastes and personality.

Religious or other dietary restrictions are no problem for Memory Lane Catering as we have a number of exciting kosher catering options available. All of our meal options can be modified and we are happy to provide detailed ingredients lists and preparation procedures to ensure our clients are satisfied with our catering and services.

Traditional Jewish Dishes and More

Memory Lane Catering has the expertise to take all your needs into consideration. With a strong record of outstanding catering services, we thoroughly understand the catering business and know what it takes to create the best food and service your money can buy. Our unique take on all manners of foods, from traditional dishes to completely unique menu items, is sure to impress you and your guests.

We address all your concerns such as budget, food constraints, palate and presentation as well as drink preferences. We offer our services on-site, off-site and at private residences to provide the optimal accommodations for all of our clients. You will be involved with the decision-making and planning process every step of the way, and we work closely with all our clients to ensure each detail corresponds with the preferences and vision you have set out for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Mitzvah Celebration Caterers

Memory Lane Catering knows the time and energy it takes to plan a traditional celebration and especially a large one. It can be overwhelming and stressful to organize with so many details to consider. Even if your event is on the smaller side it can be a lot of work to plan. No celebration is too large or too small for us at Memory Lane Catering to handle. So, what are you waiting for? Let the knowledgeable staff at Memory Lane Catering help you take the pressure off!

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