Superior Bar Mitzvah Catering For Lyons

A Bar Mitzvah is a very special moment in any boy’s life. One that symbolizes the passing of time from childhood to the beginning of adulthood, and his growth as a man. A Bar Mitzvah is a once in a lifetime event for a Jewish boy and needs to be treated as such. The best Bar Mitzvah celebration requires the best Bar Mitzvah catering, and when it comes to that there is only one number to call.

With years of experience catering, planning and organizing Bar Mitzvah celebrations across Lyons, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about throwing a good party. Our all-inclusive services include the best food, drinks, service and event planning the city has to offer. We always strive for catering excellence and we like to think that we continually reach that target. Our skill, experience and attention to detail is second to none in the quest to find the perfect and most individual way of celebrating this important milestone. If you have an upcoming Bar Mitzvah, then you need to ensure that you invest in the best. Call us today and let us outline how we can make this a day that your son will never forget.

Gourmet Catering

At Memory Lane Catering we set very high standards for our Bar Mitzvah celebration. For us, it is not enough that our food, drinks and catering service be considered good, even great – we want it to be unforgettable. Our gourmet food options are perfect and marry many traditional dishes with more contemporary options. Depending on your party’s food and catering preferences, we can design a menu that will keep everyone happy. The skill and aptitude of our chefs mean that we cater for all types of guests – vegan, vegetarian, celiac, and even plain old picky eaters! In brief, there is very little that we can’t do so why not call us today to see how we can turn your son’s Bar Mitzvah into a truly memorable experience.

Respectful of Traditions

As an experienced catering company, we ensure that every aspect of our catering service remains fully compliant with the customs and religious traditions of this very special occasion. We ensure that all our staff respect any specific requests or demands that you have and guarantee that all food and drinks served at the event is in keeping with the special customs associated with this day.

Unique Venue Options

The mobile nature of our catering company means that we can design and create a Bar Mitzvah theme that meets all your requirements. So, whether you want a traditional approach or a more contemporary setting for your son’s special day, then we can make this happen. Our event planning team acts fast and can accommodate any additional ideas or changes that you would like made before the big day arrives.