The Best Bar Catering Service in Savannah

Whether it’s to celebrate an engagement, an important anniversary or even a New Year’s Eve party, there are very few events in Savannah that wouldn’t be enhanced by Memory Lane Catering’s top quality bar service. With years of experience in the bar industry, our professionally certified staff can cater for parties, big and small, as well as all types of special occasions. On top of that, our unrivalled service means that we will fit seamlessly into your home without causing any fuss or bother. If you are looking for the perfect private bar service, then there is only one number to call.

Advantages of Private Bar Service

On top of the convenience factor, there is a range of other reasons why choosing a professional bar service will leave your party a cut above the rest.


As much as we don’t doubt that there are many beer or wine aficionados in Savannah, the fact of the matter is that this level of knowledge does not come close to the expertise that our professionally certified bar staff can offer. When it comes to complimenting food, our team can recommend a wine that will enhance your meal. By the same token, we can suggest the perfect beer for a pre-and post-diner tipple, as well as ensuring that only the tastiest cocktails pass your lips.

Bring the Party to You

With the culture to drink-driving changing so much in recent years, it really is no surprise that an increasing number of Savannah men and women are deciding to bring the party to their home rather than going to it. A professional bar service from Memory Lane Catering really does offer the best of both worlds as it provides an unrivalled bar service in the comfortable environs of your own home.

Personalized Touch

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our superior private bar service is that it allows you to choose what drinks you would like offered. This means that you can have as many or as little as you want, and we can tailor our service to meet your individual needs.

Don’t Think Twice, Call Us Today

For many years, a private bar service was seen as a luxury that many Savannah families simply couldn’t afford or justify but we like to think that our competitive prices and flexible payment plans changed all that. Our mission has always been to ensure that our bar service is available to all Savannah despite the size of their budget. And this is something we have stuck to down through the years. So, if you want your party to stand out from the crowd and live long in the memory, then there is only one number to call. Don’t settle for second best when number one is just around the corner. Call today, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.